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Wednesday, 06 August 2008 16:47

Extending the house is a economical way to provide for the extra space needed whilst maintaining all of the comforts of your existing environment and lifestyle. In addition to this the investment in your current property will most definitely be reflected in its value.

Working in conjunction with designers, engineers and local council building control officers, we can offer you a new single storey extension, quite unlike any other. Our product has been developed to offer exactly what our customers are looking for.

An extension or addition to your house is considered to be permitted development, not requiring an application for planning permission, subject to the following limits and conditions:

Below are some most common types of house extensions:


Rear single storey extension

Single story extension could be built without planning permission under permitted development if following criteria are met:

  1. The proposed house extension should not project more than 3 metres from the rear face of the original house on terraced or semi-detached properties and no more than 4 metres for detached properties;
  2. The maximum height of the extension should not be greater than 4 metres;
  3. The proposed house extension should not cover more than 50% of the land around the ‘original’ house;
  4. The proposed extension should not be forward of the principal elevation or side elevation;
  5. If the extension is within 2 metres of a boundary, the eaves height should not be greater than 3 metres;


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Garage conversions

With few of us contemplating a move in such economically uncertain times and with property prices taking a battering, many of us are looking to make our existing homes work harder for us. The new rules also specifically make it easier to convert garages into extra living space.

A Garage Conversion does not involve a change of use as such and UK Building Regulations will therefore only apply to the structural alterations involved and to any other building controlled works such as drainage.

On many occasions a Garage Conversion requires little more than the infilling of the existing garage doorway with a suitable construction. This most often is largely made up of a window. Any infill will need to be supported by either foundations or suitable lintels. This is a structural alteration and as such requires building regulation approval.

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Double Storey Side and Back extension

Two storey extension could add significant amount of space and value to your home without investing significant amount of money.

Although a multi-storey costs more to build more than a single-level extension, it won’t be double the price because:

  1. – which will cover all storeys – is a large part of the cost;
  2. economies of scale can be achieved by buying bigger quantities of raw materials and reducing the cost per square metre;
  3. of reduced labour charges, thanks to the craftsmen and sub-contractors having more work to do, with consequently less waiting time;
  4. some costs are unaffected by the number of storeys, ie:
  • Planning Permission;
  • ground clearance and subsequent re-landscaping;
two_storey_pitched_sideSome key points for building two storey extension:
  1. First floor rear extensions are no higher than 3 meters for attached houses or 4 meters for detached houses;
  2. No extension to be higher than the highest part of the roof;
  3. Located no closer than 7 meters to the rear property boundary;




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Side Return Extension

A side return extension is usually used to create extra space in existing rooms or to re-arrange your interior floor plan to create extra space that could include: bedrooms, bathrooms or living space. Side return extensions can also be combined with rear extensions to form a wrap-around extension.

white-glass-cube-house-extensionThe Cube and Glass Box Extension

‘The Cube’ design has been developed with the following key functions in mind; sustainable development, pre-fabricated construction methods, visual impact and cost efficiency.

The major benefit of The Cube extension is that it can be installed for the same cost as a glass roof conservatory, which means you get the benefit of thermal mass construction providing great energy efficiency, large glazing with bi-fold doors and frameless skylights, allowing maximum day light penetration and amazing opportunity for evening star gazing when relaxing or entertaining.


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