Building work, replacements and repairs to your home (revised January 2011)
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Saturday, 09 August 2008 08:33
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What will happen if I do not comply with the BuildingRegulations?

If you do not comply the work will not be legal. You could be prosecutedand could face a fine of up to £5000.

• The work may not be safe or could cause health problems. It may also notmeet energy efficiency standards.

• If work is found to be faulty your local authority could insist you put itright at your own expense.

• If the work has not been notified or carried out by a registered installerfrom a Competent Person Scheme you will have no record that the workcomplies with Building Regulations.

This will be important when you come to sell your home as you may be asked to provide certificates ofcompliance with the Building Regulations.

Why should I use an installer who is registered with aCompetent Person Scheme?

• An installer registered with a Competent Person Scheme is qualified tocarry out specific types of work in accordance with Building Regulationsand will deal with Building Control issues for you. You will usually haveaccess to insurance backed warranties and a robust complaints procedureto use in the unlikely event work is found to be non compliant.

• An installer registered with a Competent Person Scheme will notify thelocal authority on your behalf and will issue you with a certificate oncompletion which can be used as proof of compliance. It will also show upon a solicitor’s local authority search when you sell your home.• If you do not use an installer registered with a Competent Person Schemethen you will have to submit a building notice or full plans application andpay a fee to have Building Control come and inspect the work you havecarried out

How can I find an installer registered with a CompetentPerson Scheme in my area or check that my choseninstaller is with a scheme?

For electrical work visit and enter yourpostcode or the name of the installer in the relevant search box. For allother types of work, contact the Competent Person Scheme operatorsdirectly; their details are on the back page

Please see below for examples of work that you do or do notneed to notify to the local authority before starting. Please notethat this list is not complete and there will be other work notlisted here that you will need to notify. For some types of workmarked * you may not need to notify in certain circumstances. If you are in any doubt you should contact your Local AuthorityBuilding Control team for advice.

You DO need to tell your Local Authority Building Control aboutthe following work unless you use an installer who is registeredwith a Competent Person Scheme.

 • new installation or replacement of a heating system or any boiler,regardless of fuel type

• new installation or replacement of an oil tank

• installation of a new bathroom or kitchen if existing electrics orplumbing are altered or if new electrics or plumbing are installed

• installation of fixed air conditioning systems

• installation of additional radiators to an existing heating system*

• new electrical installations in bathrooms, kitchens and outdoors*

• replacement window and door units• replacement of roof coverings on pitched and flat roofs

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